“Food is health, medicine, and life.  Share it with the ones you love.”


Seasoned MD is offering culinary medicine group classes, demonstrations, and lectures for private groups and corporate training for employee wellness in businesses. Our programs can be tailor made to fit the schedules, budgets and goals of our clients. The following examples are some of the ways we help clients maximize health and wellness through foods we love!


Classes: Seasoned MD can work with clients in either small or large groups for customized classes on culinary medicine as needed. Pricing will be contingent on number of classes, duration, shopping lists and venue requirements.

Conferences: Seasoned MD will provide presentations as needed at corporate conferences to incorporate information about the benefits of healthy food on prevention and progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and more. Pricing contingent on overall needs, venue and food selection 

Private, Social and Family Gatherings: Seasoned MD is available to be your lunch partner providing healthy meals and information to those you love.

Demonstrations and Lectures: Seasoned MD will be partnering with community stakeholders in amplifying awareness of the benefits of diet and culinary skill in disease management around the Mid-South. Demonstrations can be planned and held on family farms, community kitchens, commercial kitchens, etc. Let us help you organize how your facility or organization can play a vital role in improving the health of our community.

**** All pricing planned and customized according to goals and specific needs ****