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Culinary Medicine

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“Food is health, medicine, and life.  Share it with the ones you love.”

Culinary Medicine

Why should I notice?

The practice of culinary medicine occurs at the intersection of evidence based medical science, nutrition, and culinary skill. Medical knowledge is translated into practical and usable food lessons that will teach you how to lead a healthier life.  Learning to cook is an important life skill that is lacking in our fast paced lives.

We’ve known for thousands of years that there is an association of diet with disease, but culinary medicine is emerging in importance and burgeoning today because of the epidemic of chronic diseases in the US.  Currently, over 70% of chronic diseases are linked to diet and lifestyle and therefore are probably preventable.  One half of the top ten causes of death are associated to diet.  Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease can all be made better or worse by food. Two thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese increasing the risk for disease and lesser quality of life.  So, we need to learn how to reverse the trend of obesity and disease for ourselves and our children.  We need culinary medicine to teach us what is healthy and how to make it delicious!  Today is the time to begin.

Food Is Medicine

“For years the association between diet and disease has been known.  Even Hippocrates recognized the importance of food on health when he stated  “Let food be thy medicine, medicine shall be thy food.” Nevertheless, not until recently has the idea of merging medical science and culinary skill come into existence. This union known as Culinary Medicine has the potential to radically impact healthcare through making strides in chronic disease prevention, altering the lifestyle of individuals, and improving the overall health of this nation. Culinary Medicine has allowed me to combine my medical training, long-term interest in nutrition, and passion for cooking into a professional tool set. It is my hope to use this knowledge in our community to facilitate better health and lasting change

Susan W. Warner, M.D.

Food Is Health, Medicine, Life